See the Trailer for David Fincher’s House of Cards

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The first trailer for David Fincher’s House of Cards, a Netflix Original Series, was released via Netflix Instant Stream yesterday. Realizing that publicizing a new series to people who already subscribe to your service was a poor decision, they decided to post the clip to YouTube earlier today.

What’s shown in the clip indicates that the program will be a well-acted, twisty political thriller. It stars Kevin Spacey as Majority Whip Francis Underwood, a southern politician attempting to use the many secrets he’s setting on to manipulate his way into the Oval Office. The show is loosely based on journalist Michael Dobbs’ novel of the same name. A BBC-produced television miniseries, also called House of Cards, was released in 1990. It’s also available for streaming via Netflix. That can’t be good for their search results, can it?

Politics, greed, power struggles and Kevin Spacey chewing the scenery. What’s not to like about House of Cards? Head over to Netflix’s hub for the show to see a few character photographs and bios. 

Look for the first episode to be added to Netflix Instant Streaming on February 1, 2013. The trailer is embedded below.

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