See the trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim

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The robots vs. aliens plot and Guillermo del Toro serving as director already had me amped for Legendary Pictures' Pacific Rim. After watching the recently released trailer, my level of excitement increased enough to cause shortness of breath. That might've merely been a byproduct of how out of shape I am, though. Either way, I think it looks like a great ride that I'll be in line for on day one.

Judging from chatter on the film’s IMDB message board, not everyone was as impressed as me. Unfavorable allusions to both the Power Rangers and Transformers were made by a few grumpy forum-dwellers, but you should never listen to those people. I’ve embedded the trailer below; check it out for yourself and leave your thoughts in the comments. Gamers take note : the clip features the voice of Portal’s GLaDOS herself, Ellen McLain.

Pacific Rim will be in theaters July 12, 2013; Legendary Comics will be releasing a prequel graphic novel penned by Travis Beacham, the film’s writer, between now and then. Apparently the studio is quite sure they have a hit on their hands; a few weeks ago the announced that Pacific Rim 2 is already being developed. Its script will be co-written by Beacham and del Toro.

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