See The World War Z Super Bowl Teaser

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A new, thirty-second teaser for Marc Foster's World War Z will make its television debut at this weekend's Super Bowl XLVII. If you have no plans to watch the big game (Watching it isn't the same for me post-Jordan. Wait, did he play football?), you may check it out below. Meet me afterward for discussion and snacks.

Not much new, yeah? Most (or perhaps all) of the footage shown in the new teaser has appeared in the previous World War Z trailers; there is some new dialog, though (“We’ve lost the East Coast.” “China’s dark.”). Their goal with this clip was apparently exposing the film to a mainstream audience rather than showing fresh bits of it to us geeks already impatiently waiting for its June 21 release date. And sorry, I was lying about having snacks.

Still looking forward to World War Z? Nervous? Excited? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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