New Sherlock iOS Game Makes You Part of The Network

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If there is one thing all Sherlock fans can agree on, it is that we simply want more. More Sherlock, more Watson, more Mycroft. It seems our wish has been granted.

The Project Factory and Hartswood Films are giving you a chance to be a part of the action and part of Sherlock’s Network. Apple users (iPhone, iPad) now have a chance to join The Network, a group of helpful homeless who assist Sherlock when he’s off busy being amazing.

SHERLOCKAPP iPhone 4 menu New Sherlock iOS Game Makes You Part of The Network

Sherlock: The Network for iProducts features your very own Mind Palace ( Image: The Project Factory, Hartswood films, BBC)    

The $4.99 purchase price promises to be well worth it for die hard fans. Working with Sherlock himself and his team via texts and voice messages, users will have the ability to investigate scenes, collect evidence and solve puzzles. While many game apps tend to be on the cheesy side, The Project Factory promises not to dumb down its content, allowing the user to pass off the problem to Sherlock should it become too difficult, but of course you’ll have to give him your points as well.

Check out this trailer for the new Sherlock app.

In addition to giving users a bit more Sherlock between series, the game follows along with the series, but wont have any spoilers beyond series one for those new to the world of BBC’s Sherlock. New cases will be added at some point, and will be available for an additional in app purchase. Those wanting even more Sherlock, and a bit more Mycroft too, can download the HD version of the app for the iPad only. The HD version includes larger, more detailed images and is available for a second $4.99 purchase.

So far there is no word on the release of an Android version, so those with iPhones and iPads will be the lucky ones for now. Android users can get Sher Locked with the Sherlock BBC Fan App, which counts down to the new series and has a bit of trivia fun for fans of the show, put out by WorkerDroid7.

With a heavy demand for an Android version, non iPhone users can remain hopeful. Until then, the game is on…the AppStore.

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