Sherlock: Mini-Episode Fills In Some Blanks Before Season 3

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Last we saw Sherlock, he was taking a long walk off a short pier. Now with the popular BBC series returning for a third season, it's about time we got a look at what has transpired in the years since.

As we’ve seen with the last Sherlock teaser, the quirky detective is returning to London. Where has he been? What has he been doing? How will he announce his arrival?

This mini-episode, titled “Many Happy Returns”, gives us a taste of what has happened since “Reichenbach Fall.” Be warned, if sad John Watson makes you teary, go ahead and grab some kleenex now.

Besides the obvious excitement over watching Sherlock work his way across Europe, and the sadness that Watson’s despondency imparts, the best part of “Many Happy Returns” was seeing Anderson’s true feelings for Sherlock. He likes him, he really, really likes him!

Sherlock returns to our TV’s on January 19 on PBS.

Happy Holidays Sherlock fans!

Image: BBC

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