Sherlock Series 3 Production Delayed Until March 2013

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The unbearable wait for new episodes of the BBC’s Sherlock may be even longer this time out, according to Entertainment Weekly. The show’s two leads - Benedict Cumberbatch (winner of 1976-2012’s Most Sophisticated Name of the Year) and Martin Freeman – have gotten incredibly busy as of late, therefore network suits have decided to delay production of series three. Production is now scheduled to begin in March 2013. 

The BBC has never said WHEN the show would be back; they have only said that it would be back in 2013. With the delay factored in, sources tell EW that it likely won’t return in its native United Kingdom until “late” 2013; PBS stations will begin airing the program a few months after their UK debut. If you’re like me and watch it on Netflix, you’ll have to wait even longer. The series two cliffhanger has me contemplating a move to England so I can see what happens next as soon as possible.  

Have you checked out the previous two seasons of Sherlock? How about the other modern take on the character, CBS’ Elementary? If you answered yes to both those questions, feel free to compare and contrast them in the comments. Please be civil during the debate, dear readers.

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