Sigourney Weaver Is Open to Doing a Fifth Alien Movie

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The Hero Complex Film Festival was last week, and with it came some very surprising announcements, one of which includes sci-fi queen Sigourney Weaver.

The fan-favorite “Ripley,” star of the 35-year-old Alien franchise, admits to Collider that she’s actually interested in doing Alien 5 if the possibility was open to her. Partially influenced by the love of the fans and the passion they bring to the table, Weaver feels there is “more story to tell” in regard to Alien, but she doesn’t quite know how to approach it.

“I don’t think Alien belongs on Earth popping out of a haystack, which is where I was afraid it was going to go. I feel it should take place in the far reaches of the universe where no one in their right mind would go,” Weaver explained, going on to mention that there’s just not many filmmakers out there that she feels are up to the task of going all the way as far as creating a new Alien movie.

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Sigourney finished her thoughts by musing that she would like to at “at least finish telling [Ripley's] story,” and that it would be “satisfying” to her, hinting that there are plenty of young filmmakers out in the wild who are interested in digging into the Alien mythos and finishing it out.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we’re going to be seeing an Alien 5 in the near future, but at the very least we know our favorite leading lady would be on board with the project. And that’s almost as good as a new movie announcement. At the very least, we’re one step closer to seeing Prometheus 2 materialize, so there’s that.

Are you looking forward to a new entry in the Alien saga focusing on Ripley, or would you prefer to see a new direction for the story?

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