Silicon Knights Ordered to Destroy All Code & Games Developed with Unreal Engine 3

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What happened to Silicon Knights? The developer, a powerhouse in the Gamecube era, seems to be unable to find its groove these days. Their two “next gen” games – Too Human and X-Men Destiny – were universally panned by audiences and critics. And then, there’s their legal trouble.

Silicon Knights and Epic Games have been locked in legal battle since 2007. That year, after licensing Epic’s Unreal Engine, Silicon Knights filed a lawsuit against the company claiming that they were never given a version of the product that works. Epic Games eventually filed a counterclaim alleging that SK breached their licensing agreement, among other things. In May, Epic Games emerged from this mess as victor and SK was ordered to pay them the sum of $4.45 million.

This week, according to a post from Polygon, Silicon Knights was ordered by a judge to destroy all code and unsold copies of every game they’ve developed using Unreal Engine 3 by December 10. With the weak sales figures of Too Human and X-Men Destiny, recalling those two titles alone will be quite an arduous task.

Silicon Knight’s one beacon of hope was Eternal Darkness 2 for the Wii U; however, rumor has it that their legal woes inspired Nintendo to cancel the title.

Suggested Reading: Kotaku posted a well-researched piece on the tumultuous development of X-Men: Destiny. If you’re at all curious about the day-to-day madness of Silicon Knights, you should definitely check it out.

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