Six Seasons and a Movie: Could Community Fans Get Their Wish?

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No, NBC has not changed their minds, Community is still officially off the network, but that doesn't means fans should give up hope.

The powers that be at Sony Pictures Television, the main studio behind the Dan Harmon show, are in “conversations” with Hulu about producing 13 more episodes of the show. While “conversations” are not exactly “negotiations,” the fact that the studio has an interest in prolonging the show, at least for one more season, has fans buzzing.

Hulu Six Seasons and a Movie: Could Community Fans Get Their Wish?While neither Sony nor Hulu have officially commented on the potential project, numbers collected by SimilarWeb show that Community was #1 on Hulu in January, and has been in the top ten as recently as April. With the success of the reruns alone, it would seem that 13 more episodes would be good business for the network alternative.

A recent change at Hulu this spring could aid in the show getting one final shot. Craig Erwich – Fox Network and Warner Bros.Studio veteran – came on as the new content chief showing that Hulu is taking its new content seriously. This could be a double-edged sword when it comes to Community getting those last 13 episodes. On one hand, the extreme popularity of the show could easily be used to push the ad driven Hulu originals like Deadbeat and Moone Boy. The other side of the coin is that Erwich may be more interested in spending Hulu’s money on original series than putting those dollars into Community. 

While Netflix set an example with its huge success reviving Arrested Development last year, Community would be the most expensive show ever bought by Hulu and Erwich, and Hulu execs will have to weigh the balance before changing the “conversations” to “negotiations.”

Of course, if no deal materializes, there is always the chance for a spin off. We’re hoping for more of Troy and Abed in the Morning.

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