Skylanders Trap Team: Activision’s Newest Sequel Brings Life to Your Toys

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Skylanders Trap Team is going to land on your young one's Christmas list once the holidays come around. That's a pretty safe bet to make as soon as you get a clear understanding of just how this brand new Skylanders game works.

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The newest innovation that will surprise longtime fans is the concept of bringing life to your collection of Skylanders toys. Toys for Bob, developer of Skylanders, released a flood of details surrounding Skylanders Trap Team, so we’re going to make it easily digestible for those who can’t wait to add it to their growing collection:

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Kaos Has Another Master Plan - Series evil-doer Kaos is ready to take over the Skylands once again with a new plan in mind. He proceeds to destroy Cloud Cracker prison and frees the baddest of the bad. Over 40 new baddies get released from their entrapment, but the new Traptanium Crystals and Trap Masters get blown to Earth during the explosive prison outbreak. Kaos and his new cronies plan to take over the Skylands, but you can stop them with the new Trap Masters’ powerful abilities.

You Can Defeat The New Villains, Trap Them and Bring Them Into Your World - With over 40 new bad guys to take down, you’re going to need some new tech in order to switch their alignment from villain to hero.  The game’s new Trap Masters wield powerful Traptanium weapons that give them a damage boost against these new antagonists. These new Trap Masters include Snap Shot, a blue reptilian warrior that fights with an icy sword and bow. Trap Masters will bring along with them the ability to enter hidden Traptanium zones and uncover more Traptanium Crystal shards.

One of the newer villains is the Chompy Mage, a small but powerful wizard who wreaks havoc upon the world with a hand puppet by his side. Taking him on leads to a boss encounter that’s easier to handle when you’ve got a Trap Master on the battlefield. You’ll have 50 new characters to take into battle with you, so the boss battle possibilities are endless.

Once you defeat any of the game’s many villains, you’ll be able to trap them within a Traptanium Crystal and transport them into the real world. You’ll hear your newly trapped characters spout off a few lines while trapped inside, plus you’ll have the ability to play with them once you place them back on the stone prison that’s connected to the Traptanium Portal. The coolest part about this feature is the way your crystals will light up in sync with the talking characters, which gives off the vibe of your trapped villains really being a part of your world. You can now instantly swap between controlling your base character and crystal character at the push of a button.

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A New Portal and The Introduction of Crystals are Being Introduced - With a new release in the Skylanders series comes a brand new game mechanic and portal. The Traptanium Portal holds the newest Trap Master character types, plus it’s able to hold any captured villains within the physical Traptanium crystals. You’ll have to shell out a few bucks for any additional crystals, since you’ll need a specific enemy elemental type’s crystal in order to capture them. Two crystals will come packaged with the game upon release. 

Your Entire Collection Will Be Playable Here - Nothing to worry about, collectors. All of your Skylanders toys will be compatible with Skylanders Trap Team

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The Level Cap is Staying the Same – This game’s level cap will be topped off at 20.

You Can Buy It in October Skylanders Trap Team’s release date is already locked in for October 5, 2014. Look for it on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Wii and 3DS when it launches this Fall. The retail box set will include the new Traptanium Portal, two crystal traps, Trap Master Snap Shot and a new standard Skylander called Food Fight.

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