Need a Microscope? Grab Your Phone!

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Apparently the "need microscope but don't have one on hand" population is much greater than previously imagined. Thankfully, YouTube is here to help.

By taking things found at your neighborhood hardware store, plexiglass and wingnuts and other various hardware store type wonders, you can put together a rig that will allow you to use your smartphone camera as a honest to god microscope.

If those onion cells don’t immediately remind you of high school biology, well then we obviously went to different schools. However, no matter what school you went to, there is no denying this is pretty cool. You could take a screen shot and have a microscopic image of your own blood as your phone’s wallpaper. If that isn’t meta, I don’t know what is.

So head to Home Depot, get yourself some plexiglass and start using your phone for something more useful than updating Twitter about the french toast you had for breakfast!

Check out for the step by step instructions and materials list for your own phone microscope.

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