Snickers Brings the Gremlins Back to Your TV Screen

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The Gremlins have been off our screens for far too long.

It was way back in 1990 when Gremlins 2: The New Batch came out, and we have seen little else since. Luckily for us, they have finally returned, just not in the way you may have expected. It seems that Snickers has the honor of bringing back the Gremlins (well, a Gremlin) in this new UK advert for their candy bar.

At first I thought the Gremlin was CGI, but I was over the moon when I realized that it was a prosthetic and latex creation. Snickers has kept true to the tone of the movies and kept the Gremlin as mischievous as ever, and it is a nice harmless piece of fun. If anyone is confused about why the Gremlin can be seen in the daylight (when in the movies it gets burnt when in the sun) then let me explain. This is from a whole line of Snickers adverts that show a well known celebrity acting up and becoming an average person after their hunger has been quenched. Below is another advert so you get the idea.

The Gremlins have popped up in other shorts before this. In 2008 they appeared in a UK advert for the telecommunications firm BT where they once again caused havoc. This also has the bad boy Gremlin Stripe in it, which is always worth a watch. Strangely the Gremlins look a lot better in this advert than they do in the Snickers advert.

When mentioning great Gremlins moments we also have to mention the two different scenes in Gremlins 2. Depending on whether you saw the movie at the cinema or on DVD you were greeted with a different scene.

This new advert could be to promote the Gremlins remake which has been in the pipeline for some time, but it could also just be because we all love seeing Gremlins. Retro merchandising is really popular at the moment and with so many ’80s remakes out at the moment it is hardly surprising that someone would want to cash in on this and bring them back.

If you enjoyed these, than the following video may be of interest to fans of all things Mogwai. A fan made film, similar to the above videos showing the Gremlins inserted into a series of popular movies, it has all the magic of the old Gremlins films and makes you think that if fans like this can make these heartfelt videos in their spare time then there is a good chance we will see more Gremlins movies in the future.

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