Space to Ground: The Coolest Show You’re Not Watching

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In a culture that loves its entertainment, it's hard for geek loves like science and history to keep up with the barrage of network talent shows and the latest fads. Leave it to the wonderful minds at NASA to step out of the box and reach out to engage a generation of kids and adults with a desire for fast information. Enter Space to Ground.

NASA premiered the fast-paced and engaging online show in 2013. Quite possibly the coolest thing on the internet, Space to Ground offers under two minute updates of the goings-on in space, specifically aboard the ISS (international Space Station).

Living in the beginnings of the age of humans actually spending extended periods of time in space, the idea that we should be paying attention to the space program is a new idea. Only 50 years ago we looked forward to the odd launch, but now we have astronauts and cosmonauts floating high above us every day. Space to Ground keeps it short and sweet, as much of what actually does transpire on the space station would likely seem disappointingly mundane, and also gives viewers a chance to ask an actual NASA expert about the ISS and living in space.

Cut together like an entertainment show, with graphics and music, Space to Ground is the face of the future, when discerning audiences will tune in to hear the latest on the manned Mars mission, or the crew checking out Saturn’s moons.

If you have never seen the show before and need to catch up, every single episode is viewable on YouTube, and at under 2 minutes an episode, catching up won’t take you long.

If Space to Ground doesn’t answer all your questions, NASA has a YouTube page of their own with videos covering everything NASA scientists are doing, from water on Saturn’s moons to talks on women in aerospace technology. NASA knows space, and now they are showing they aren’t slouches when it comes to keeping things current.

 Image: NASA

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