Cthulhu Wars: Crowdsourced Gaming at its Best

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There have been many games based off the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

From the original Arkham Horror to the numerous card games, there is no shortage of choices. Each of these games had a common goal, to stop impending doom of the old gods returning. What if there was a game where you could play not to stop the chaos, but to cause it? Well now there is a game where you do the opposite. Cthulhu Wars, is the new game that was funded via Kickstarter, crushing the $40,000 goal in 30 days, and finishing with over $1.4 million dollars raised.

Here is a preview of the game play…

Taking place on an Earth that has been ruined by the returning old gods, you take control of one of the factions in order to rule the ravaged world. Cultists race around and build mystic gates to summon monsters in an overall goal of summoning one of the great old ones. Cthulhu Wars plays a lot like old strategy games such as Risk. There are four factions to choose from Great Cthulhu (with Deep Ones), The Black Goat (with Shub-Niggurath), Crawling Chaos (with Nyarlathotep) and Yellow Sign (with Hastur).

Cthulhu Wars 600x800 Cthulhu Wars: Crowdsourced Gaming at its Best

Each of the factions have beautifully sculpted miniatures to move on the wonderfully illustrated double sided gameboard. Cthulhu Wars is not going to be cheap however, as it seems to be retailing for around $110, but with all the high quality components you do get what you pay for.

Expansions are already planned for future release, and the first of them is called Opening of the Way. This expansion introduces the old one Yog Sothoth, as well as cultists and mutants to help you gain control of the earth. Future expansions will include such great old ones as Azathoth and Ithaqua just to name a couple. 

For more information about this game, and what is coming up next, check out their website, Green Eye Gamesand get ready for the return of the old gods.

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