Star Trek Continues Gets Fan Powered by Kickstarter

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Finally, 45 years after Star Trek: The Original Series was cancelled, Trekkies stand on the verge of getting some much needed closure.

Farragut Films and DracoGen Inc. are using the “world largest crowd-funding platform”, Kickstarter, to produce “Star Trek Continues”- a non-profit, fan produced webseries that plans to air the last two years of the Original Series five year mission.

Kickstarter appears to be a perfect fit for the fan-based vision of this venerable Sci-Fi property. In the ’60s Trek fans engaged in several letter writing campaigns to save the show without success; now through the modern miracle of internet finance they stand on the verge of boldly going where no Fan Film has ever been.

Now with 3 days left, over 2500 backers have pledged more than $110,00, exceeding their goal of $100,000 and by the will of the fans themselves it’s almost certain that we will get to see more of these finely crafted labors of love to another time and era.

Star Trek Continues first episode, “Eternity’s Pilgrim” was shot in January of 2013 and then premiered last May at Phoenix Comicon where it resonated with fans who were delighted with the accuracy of the sets, costuming, and lighting. Filmed at the Kingsland GA Farragut Films Studio (also home to the “Starship Farragut” web-series) “Eternity’s Pilgrim” is a ’60s era story made complete by original series guest star Michael Forrest reprising his role as “Apollo” from TOS episode “Who Mourns for Adonais?”. The new cast does a fine job of treading the line between homage and camp. I am convinced most will enjoy Mythbuster’s Grant Imahara turn on Sulu and Producer/Director Vic Mignogna’s grasp of Shatner’s mannerisms agreeable.

You can watch the pilot for free below, and the cast’s pitch on the Kickstarter page.

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