Star Trek Into Darkness 1st Poster Revealed!

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At midnight Monday morning, with a little over a week until the first 9 minutes of footage is debuted in front of the Hobbit in IMAX (regular theater-goers will see a shorter trailer), Paramount and Bad Robot has revealed the first poster for Star Trek Into Darkness.  With what appears to be a gutted frame of twisted metal in the iconic shape of the Federation emblem, stands a black trenchcoat wearing man looking out upon what appears to be London.  If you look closely, you can see the Eye ferris wheel on the left and the odd dildo shaped building on the right.  Who is the man in the center?  It doesn't appear to be Kirk.  One might imagine it's the film's super secret villain (even if they had revealed everything about him, I'd still be in the dark, as I try to avoid any overt spoilers when I can) looking out over his handiwork.  We only have a few more days to speculate as I'm sure that all will (or as much as JJ and Paramount wants to) be revealed.

Who do you think the mysterious figure is?  And what’s with all the destruction?  And why London?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.  Though, unless you’re JJ Abrams himself, try to avoid any sneaky big spoilers.  Some of us like to be surprised.

But if you’re looking for an official, if vague synopsis of the film, you can go here.
And here’s the poster in full…

star trek into darkness Star Trek Into Darkness 1st Poster Revealed!

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