Star Trek Theme Park Concept Art Revealed

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Coming on the eve — relatively speaking — of the show's 50th Anniversary in 2016 comes the transformation of Paramount Park in Murcia, Spain into a Star Trek theme park that will take up permanent residence.

According to, the Star Trek theme park will be located at Alhama de Murcia on the Mediterranean coast about 270 miles southeast of Madrid. The idea for this area is to include office buildings, hotels, condos, malls, a casino, convention center, an exhibition hall/auditorium and a theme park that will be spread out over several different sections — all tailored to the universe created by the late Gene Roddenberry.

Star Trek theme park 3 Star Trek Theme Park Concept Art Revealed

Offers the site, “Plaza Futura will be designed to appeal to Star Trek fans. 3D renderings depict a large futuristic square that will include a Starfleet Spain recruiting center, a 3D simulator ride (which allows guests/recruits to experience adventures in outer space), and a Warp Speed Coaster that will reach exciting heights and speeds and include an underground portion (a wormhole, naturally) and several loops.”

Although the creation of Plaza Futura will not be completed until the end of 2015, there already seems to be a bit of controversy brewing. Trekkers, always feeling free to express their displeasure over certain directions taken with the franchise, have noted their displeasure over the fact that, unlike the Las Vegas-based Star Trek: The Experience, which was decidedly set in the “prime” universe, this park is firmly embracing the version as created by J.J. Abrams.

Star Trek Theme Park 2 Star Trek Theme Park Concept Art Revealed

This is perfectly represented on the official site by a user named Trau, who writes:

“I know that people from CBS, Paramount and the park managers are reading this — please PAY ATTENTION. It is for your own good. What you have here is impressive to look at, but it will NEVER be a Mecca for Trekkers the way Star Trek: The Experience was. The most loyal fans – the ones who would make such a pilgrimage to such a place, are the ones being excluded. This is all-new movie centric and I have NEVER met a Trekker that liked [the Abrams films]. You are trying to court a minority while ignoring the people who would actually SPEND THEIR MONEY to go.”

startrekthemepark4 Star Trek Theme Park Concept Art Revealed

This is countered immediately after by triblestar, who opines:

“If CBS and Paramount are reading this, they are well aware that the reboot movies were widely well-received all over the world and that they sold more than any previous Star Trek movie. So they know well that the bitter and unpleasant reboot-hatred that’s spewed out by trolls on every Star Trek site is nothing more than the pointless rants of haters, and is completely meaningless since the public at large loves the reboot.”

No doubt the debate will continue.

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