Star Wars Celebration VI – Friday Gallery

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First thing you'll probably notice is that there are a lot of Slave Leias in today's gallery selection. It wasn't intentional. Of course, the number of Slave Leias at a Star Wars convention is starting to outnumber the stormtroopers and R2-D2s. How they don't have their own costuming guild, I have no idea (maybe they do?). I can just imagine that the charity work they would do probably doesn't involve kids' hospital visits, considering all of the cold sterile environments and the likelihood that any one of them could induce a heart attack if they wandered into the wrong ward. Now I'm not complaining about their numbers. It's just that they've reached such a saturation point that some have had to get a little weird just to stand out from the pack of half naked women already roaming the halls of Star Wars Celebration. One of them (pictured below) has a giant Lego character head. So now the hot girls have get weird for attention. It wasn't so long ago that a gold bikini was enough.

But today’s collection of photos is more than sexy slave girls getting weird. We’ve got new Hasbro and Lego toys. We’ve got racing droids and artists from around the world (even the venerable folks at WETA) creating custom Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett helmets to be auctioned off for the Make-A-Wish charity. And we’ve even got a few pics of Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, who spent not nearly enough time telling stories about playing Luke, the Joker, and whatever his character was in Corvette Summer. By the way, that one shot of him with voice actor James Arnold Taylor on his back was posed like that just to mess with you. And look closely at the picture with all the Wookiees. These guys are each standing well over 7 feet tall, but it’s the little bundle in the middle that makes the picture amazing.

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