Star Wars Celebration VI – Saturday Gallery

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These Saturday pictures are a little late, but if you know us, we like to party hard with our fellow geeks. And that tends to inhibit computer time. After a long day of exploring the main hall and taking in the hilarious Star Wars Saga in 60 Minutes performance (the show continued uninterrupted even with the set suddenly falling apart around them), we spent the evening getting blown away by the talents of voice actor and Star Wars Celebration VI host James Arnold Taylor and spending some time getting to know Carrie Fisher (aka Princess Leia) a little better.

Taylor is a voice you’ve definitely heard many times before, but probably didn’t know it. Along with being the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi on the Clone Wars tv series, he also does Fred Flintstone, Johnny Test, Ratchet from the Ratchet and Clank video game, and dozens, if not hundreds, more. Taylor won over the older audience members when he performed the infamous “gold watch” scene from Pulp Fiction in the voice of Christopher Walken playing the part of Obi-Wan in the original Star Wars. Only this time, the gold watch was a lightsaber which he hid in his… Artoo unit. The little kids in the audience had no idea why mommy and daddy were laughing as hard as they did.

Carrie Fisher stepped onto stage with her little dog to a thunderous standing ovation. And although that rapturous crowd response terrified her four-legged friend, forcing him to be immediately taken backstage, Carrie ate it up. Between questions about the Star Wars films and other highlights of her acting and writing careers, she faced down footage from the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. But she surprised everyone when she began to sing along to the “Life Day” song beautifully word for word. And while they were careful to keep the conversation G or PG rated for the all ages audience, salacious questions about the Rosanne Barr roast and her memories of the Sarlaac Pit and its scary resemblance to a particular bit of female genitalia. As usual, most of the time at any gathering featuring Carrie is spent laughing. This panel was no different.

After the official panel tracks finished for the day, the parties started. Pringles sponsored the official fan mixer in the convention center, complete with a live deejay and, you guessed it, free Pringles. Then a little further down the street, Moshi Moshi Productions was holding the unofficial Celebration VI 21+ after-party at the Rosen Plaza hotel. With a line that stretched around the outside of the building, there were tons of adult fans, mostly costumed as evil Sith warriors in leather, piercings, and tattoos. As menacing Sith Lords surveyed the crowd from their throne, girls in sexy Star Wars outfits twirled on poles and spun lightsabers to the dark and heavy beats of the dance music that throbbed through the packed club. It was a stunning way to end off the biggest night of the Celebration, leaving us exhausted and with little time to get things added to the site until now. But here they are. Sunday’s pictures will arrive earlier on Monday. Enjoy!

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