Star Wars Celebration VI – Thursday Gallery

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We're only one day into the bi-annual Star Wars Celebration, held once again in sunny and/or rainy Orlando, Florida, and already it's an event of galactic proportions! The lucky fans who made it here for the 6th officially Lucasfilm licensed show have an endless array of Star Wars things to do. They can pose with a massive life-sized Rancor monster, they can take a seat in a snowspeeder, they can help to build a gigantic Darth Maul head made of Legos, and they can get autographs and photos with their favorite Star Wars stars, like Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, and dozens more. There's speed dating, R2 building, original art for sale, and you can even get yourself cast in carbonite. The first night finished off with a gut-busting evening with actor/writer/director Kevin Smith, who shared his own history with Star Wars and how it shaped his childhood, influenced his films and forever changed what he would end up doing for a living (20 years ago this month, he was writing the infamous Death Star contractor scene from the original Clerks movie).

Here’s just the first sampling of pictures gathered from this always fun gathering of fans in the name of the most iconic science fiction film franchise in history.

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