Star Wars Episode VII Promises A Better R2-D2

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Star Wars Episode VII is on the horizon, and Lucasfilm has confirmed that at least one of the previous movies robotic stars will be returning to the big screen; R2-D2 is back and the production team is hard at work at building a better R2-D2 for a new generation of fans.

Two members of the R2-D2 builders club, a fan based community dedicated to building robots from the films, have moved into official positions on the Creatures Effects Team for the upcoming film. Lee Towersey and Oliver Steeples will be joining the crew full time and could not be more excited to be involved in the project.

Towersey and Steeple were noticed by Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy at Celebration Europe last summer where Steeple tongue-in-cheek offered the services of UK members of the club for the upcoming movies. Imagine her surprise when Kennedy contacted her and inquired if she would be willing to design and build R2 robots for the new movie

Hopefully this is a good sign and an even better trend as fans and their creations are incorporated into the much loved franchise. What better way to insure continuity and loyalty of the fan base than by incorporating the best ideas that they have to offer?

So far R2-D2 is the only confirmed member of the previous cast to return despite the multitude of rumors regarding a quasi-reunion of the original trilogies cast. Lucasfilm stated earlier that Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher would be back, but as of today nothing is entirely guaranteed.

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What are your thoughts on the return of R2-D2? Can C-3PO be far behind? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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