Star Wars: Episode VII Hits Theaters on December 18th, 2015!

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Lucasfilm has announced that the highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII will be released into theaters on December 18th, 2015.

The announcement comes after the news broke that Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine) had been replaced by J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan as lead screen writer, and that Disney was holding firm on a plan for a 2015 release. The move also shifts away from the traditional May release date for all prior Star Wars films. The release also noted that the film was scheduled to begin production in the spring of 2014.

It’s worth noting that The Empire Strikes Back began its production on March 5, 1979 and was released a little over a year later, on May 21, 1980. Still, numerous directors have noted the issues of filming to such a stringent deadline. Time will tell as to the quality of the film given the potentially tight shooting schedule.

Let the waiting begin!

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