Star Wars Episode VII To be Shot on 35mm

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This is a surprise: the upcoming Star Wars film is expected to be shot on 35mm film, rather than digitally.

The news came recently from Daniel Mindel, the director of photography who has worked in the past with Star Wars Episode VII director J.J. Abrams. This comes at a time when the entire film industry has begun to shift from film to digital print, a move that has had a number of prominent directors and movie theaters worried about what it means for the state of the industry.

Last year, The Dark Knight Rises and Inception director Christopher Nolan said that there’s been enormous pressure on directors to shoot in digital, and noted that a physical print is a far more durable medium to work with. Now, Abrams is the latest high-profile director to take a stand and push for physical film.

The intention seems to be designed to invoke the look and feel of the original Star Wars trilogy, and would fall in line with what we know about the movie thus far, such as Empire Strikes Back writer Lawrence Kasdan’s involvement, as well as that of composer John Williams and members of the original cast. Additionally, Abrams’ films are notable for their sense of nostalgia, either coming from preexisting franchises, such as Mission Impossible and Star Trek, or with films such as Super 8.

What do you think of the shift from digital to film?

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