Star Wars Roundup: The Latest From The Star Wars Universe

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This week from the Star Wars universe we have more casting news, some fun fan projects and a Star Wars themed school project.

Casting News

24: Live Another Day‘s Christina Chong will be joining the Star Wars: Episode VII cast. While the British actress’ role has not yet been revealed, it has been stated that her part will be “minor”. She will end up joining fellow 24 castmate John Boyega, who was also last seen in 24: Live Another Day.

starwarsrebelstrailer Star Wars Roundup: The Latest From The Star Wars Universe

In other casting news, it’s has been confirmed that Jason Isaacs will take on the role of Inquisitor, the lead villain of the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels for Disney XD. Lucasfilm Story Group’s Pablo Hidalgo provides the following description of the new baddie:

“He’s cold, he’s analytical, he doesn’t get angry,” he said.“We all took care to make sure our villains have real presence and our heroes just can’t walk all over him. This isn’t like cartoons I grew up with in the 80s where you’d have the villain lose every week and yet every week we’d have to believe he’s some sort of threat. When The Inquisitor shows up, it means something significant and it’s a definite challenge for our heroes.”

Entertainment Weekly also posted an exclusive sneak peek at the character.

More Star Wars: Rebel News

In addition to Isaacs’ role, a few key characters have been revealed via the DK Star Wars: Rebels – The Visual Guide  and The Ultimate Sticker Collection – Star Wars: Rebels. 

9781465420800H Star Wars Roundup: The Latest From The Star Wars Universe

DK’s new book has Star Wars: Rebel spoilers (Image: DK, Disney, Lucasfilm)

A few familiar faces will be on the show. Senator Bail Organa and our favorite droids R2-D2 and C3-PO will at least make an appearance, and a kingpin named Cikatro Vizago will also appear as a villain.

CikatroVizago Star Wars Roundup: The Latest From The Star Wars Universe

Cikatro Vizago, a Devaronian criminal boss who will give our hero Rebels another villain to deal with. (Image:Disney, Lucasfilm)

Star Wars: Minecraft

Fan films inspired by Star Wars are nothing new, but few spend the hours required for the latest spoof. Youtuber Paradise Decay has spent the last three years meticulously recreating Star Wars: A New Hope, scene by scene, in its entirety. 

Paradise Decay’s inspiration to begin the arduous process of a scene by scene re-shoot of the classic film back in 2003 was his daughter. When his daughter was three, a diagnosis of a inoperable brain tumor changed their lives. His daughter’s condition, and her love of Minecraft, inspired him to create, rather poetically, his own New Hope. While the original diagnosis was dire, his daughter is now 16 and continues to be an avid Minecraft gamer.

“Not only is this project fun to do for my daughter Sarah, but it takes her mind off her daily ‘on-going’ problems and health issues. Her tumor can never be removed and she has to live with all the side-effects this terrible disease brings.”

After three years, 70 minutes of the film has been recreated, with an additional 40 to go. Once the film has been completed, it will be free to view on YouTube, though they are taking donations that they plan to use to make the sets. The film will be silent, but as the recreation of the original trailer below shows, the movie will be made to sync up with the original sound track.

School Gets Star Wars Treatment

Who says school workbooks can’t be fun? Workman Publishing’s new line of Star Wars workbooks looks to unlock the enjoyment in educational books for schoolkids. Designed to follow along with the new Common Core requirements, the workbooks set out to engage children’s imaginations while teaching them academic basics.

C3P0 Star Wars Roundup: The Latest From The Star Wars Universe

Image Credit: Workman Publishing

The brains behind the project, self described “Ultimate Star Wars Geek” and editor-at-large at Workman, Raquel Jaramillo was inspired by a project she had done for her son. While her son was learning to read, Jaramillo used the Star Wars universe to add to his learning experience and quickly realized that there was potential to expand the project for other school children. It wasn’t difficult to get Lucasfilm’s green light and the projects were proof read by a Lucasfilm representative for authenticity. Jaramillo’s desire to keep the books true to the films led her to seek out an even sharper eye for detail: her son.

“He would catch the little things,” she told Entertainment Weekly, “like when Boba Fett’s antenna was on the wrong side.”

Ewok Star Wars Roundup: The Latest From The Star Wars Universe

Image Credit: Workman Publishing

The workbooks cover several subjects, from reading to math, and are available on the Workman Publishing website.

Japan’s Star Wars Treats Are Out of This World

Fans have been acting out Star Wars fantasies with their food for years, whether using a french fry as a lightsaber, or adding some blue food coloring to your milk. Japan, which has a significant Star Wars fan base, is getting into the act with multi-colored giant sized Pocky.

star wars pocky pack Star Wars Roundup: The Latest From The Star Wars Universe

Taste the Force (Image: Glico)

While the tasty treats are only available in Japan, fans all over the world can appreciate Pocky creator Ezaki Glico’s most excellent commercial.

The power of the force comes in three flavors: Green Tea for Yoda, Grape for Luke and Strawberry for Darth Vader. If a trip to Japan isn’t in your future, check out Wookiee Cookies: A Star Wars Cookbook for some fun ideas on how you can bring a little more of the Force to your table.

Other Star Wars News

Marvel comics has won back the rights to publish Star Wars comics as a result of the recent Marvel and Lucasfilm buyouts by Disney. Marvel will celebrate the major win by republishing their original 1977 series in one massive collection. The book, Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years, will include Star Wars #1-#44 and Annual #1. For more, check out GEEK’s breakdown of the upcoming collection.

The Emperor may be dead, but Ian McDiarmid isn’t counting out a return to his sinister role as Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine. While speaking at London Film and Comic-Con, the Scottish actor was asked whether or not he would join the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII. His response was rather fitting his former role,

“I’m definitely not in [Episode VII]. As you know, he’s dead by then! I know, we believe in reincarnation, and holograms… But you know, they are going to take many twists on the story as the years go on, and I guess they may go back to a time – I’ve got no clue, I’m speaking off the top of my head – when the Emperor ran the universe. And I don’t want anyone else to play him, do I?”

With a few prequels planned, the 69 year-old actor is still plenty young enough to reprise his role and fans would be glad to have him back from the dead.

Stay tuned for next week’s Star Wars Roundup as GEEK keeps you informed on the latest news from around the universe! Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments below, or join the conversation on our GEEK Facebook page.

Images: Disney, Lucasfilm, Glico, Workman Publishing, DK

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