Star Wars Roundup: Harrison Ford’s Surgery, Rian Johnson & More!

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In this weeks Star Wars round up we've got some good news, some bad news and some new rumors coming out of camp Star Wars.

Han’s Surgery

HanSoloCarbonite Star Wars Roundup: Harrison Fords Surgery, Rian Johnson & More!

Harrison Ford’s Injury puts Han Solo on a time out (image: Lucasfilm, Disney)

Harrison Ford underwent surgery this week on his leg. After sustaining an injury on set near London, Ford was airlifted to a nearby hospital. Though initially reports were that he had injured his ankle on a door falling off the set of the Millennium Falcon, it has now been reported that Ford actually broke his leg and the door in question was a garage door. The break was severe enough for Ford to undergo surgery, after which he was recovering nicely.

A representative for Ford said that he was “doing well,” and that he “looks forward to returning to work soon”. Disney released a statement reassuring fans that “shooting will continue as he recuperates.” The Star Wars team has been working to rearrange the planned shooting schedule around what could be a two month period during which Ford will recover and go through rehab.  Fords recovery will determine how he will be used once he returns to set, though if he is still somewhat immobile there are ways to hide his injury as well as work around it. Once again, we wish Mr. Ford a speedy recovery.

Episode VIII Gets a New Director?

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This week a rumor turned into news when it was all but officially confirmed that Rian Johnson will write and direct Episode VIII. While it was initially speculated that he would take on both Episode VIII and IX, it seems he will take the next few years to work on VIII and is expected to do a treatment of IX, though whether or not it will be used is still in the air. Johnson is known for his work on unique films like The Brothers Bloom and Looper, as well as some of the best episodes of the hit show Breaking Bad. The announcement of Johnson’s involvement is yet another hint to the direction the new films are headed.

While there still has not been official confirmation of Johnson’s new role in the Star Wars universe, he all but admitted it to his fans with a rather telling twitter post.

Until we receive the official word, allow us to unofficially welcome Johnson to what is becoming a rather impressive list of Star Wars directors.

Star Wars Game News

Aside from the sudden burst of Star Wars projects hitting the scene, not all those in the works before the announcement of the new canon have survived. Development and testing of Star Wars: Attack Squadron, which Geek reported on back in 2013, has been halted by Disney Interactive.

star wars attack squadrons announced who doesnt love star wars dogfights 600x374 Star Wars Roundup: Harrison Fords Surgery, Rian Johnson & More!

While some fans had the chance to log on for the beta, most are left wondering what went wrong. In a statement posted to their official Facebook page Disney Interactive had this to say,

“After much consideration, we have decided to cease development so that we can focus on other Star Wars game experiences. We truly appreciate the time you spent engaging in the beta.”

After the Disney/Lucasfilm announcement that all future projects will tell an interconnected story, it is likely that the story line behind Attack Squadron was simply collateral damage in what will be the rebuilding of the franchise.

While finally flying an X-wing into battle in a 16-man strike team is out, Electronic Arts is continuing development of a few games. The free to play MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic is still an option for those seeking a little time in space, while Star Wars: Battlefront, from Battlefield developer DICE, looks like it will be an epic gaming experience. The company released a video at E3 that gave this Star Wars fan the chills. The dedication to the core of what makes Star Wars the sci-fi classic and global phenomena is evident below.

In addition, there are rumors that Visceral Games, creators of Dead Space, are working with former Naughty Dog creative director Amy Hennig on an open world Star Wars game.

If you are more interested in apps than console gaming, Disney will have you covered there. Disney’s new Star Wars Scene Maker app for the Apple iPad allows users to reconstruct and re-imagine scenes from the original trilogy, with additional scenes and future content relating to Disney XD’s new series Star Wars: Rebels available through updates and in-app purchases.

The app features scenes and ships from the film, as well as nine official Star Wars films scores from composer John Williams, it even has the credits and title crawl! The battle of Endor scene is available for free, with the Cloud City Duel and the Death Star Trench scenes going for $2.99, or both for $3.99.

Rebel Rumours

Star Wars: Rebels, the new series for Disney XD, has become the focus of a rumor this week regarding the identity of the actor to voice the shows villain, The Inquisitor, a Sith sent by Darth Vader to wipe out the last of the Jedi. The story takes place between Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  While the rest of the cast has been revealed, The Inquisitors identity remains unconfirmed, though a recent rumor, first reported by The, suggests that Jason Isaacs, best known for his role as the slightly less villainous Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, will voice the blood thirsty Jedi-Killer. The Inquisitors voice is audible at the end of this Rebels trailer. Sure sounds like Isaacs’.

Guardians of the Galaxy Feel

And finally, YouTuber The Unusual Suspect cut together a pretty solid Star Wars trailer with a Marvel feel to it…

Check in next week as Geek keeps you informed to all the latest in Star Wars news, and be sure to catch up on our Star Wars Roundup. Leave any comments in the section below or join the discussion on the GEEK Facebook page!

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