Star Wars Roundup: Fan Boy Gets The Feels, New Documentary, & Rumors Galore

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From video games to documentaries, the Star Wars Roundup is your one stop shop for this weeks Star Wars news.

Fan Boy Gets the Feels

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Kevin Smith, one of the worlds best known fan boys, used his big time Hollywood clout to get every fan’s wish, a visit to the set of Episode VII. Posting his post-visit selfie on Instagram, Smith at once made fans jealous and gave us a new hope.

The lucky bastard, um, gentleman, said little about what he saw, summing it up with ”The Force is WITH this movie. Holy Sith…”, but the look on his face speaks volumes.

Smith and his wife, Jennifer, were married in a sneaky ceremony at Skywalker Ranch while Smith was there editing his film Dogma. Smith tells the story almost yearly on various social media,

“…like the rebel alliance, Jen & I wed VERY quietly there, ‘lest the Death Star blast our nuptials down to Marin County Courthouse instead.”

A proud moment, indeed, for them both.

 Elstree 1976

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The faceless of the Star Wars Universe finally get their moment (Image: Canal Cat Films)

Named for the movie studios where the original Star Wars Trilogy was filmed, Jon Spira’s new Kickstarter funded documentary covers a part of Star Wars history often left by the wayside.

Spira, best known for his documentary Anyone Can Play Guitar, explores the faceless heroes of the Star Wars universe. The anecdotal stories of the movie’s stars have been told and retold, but the stories of the men and women behind the masks and in the background have a value all their own.

While not entirely a Star Wars documentary, the film details the impact it has had on ten of the films extras, small role actors and faceless stars. Some of the actors involved include Jeremy Bulloch, who appeared in Episode V as the now iconic Boba Fett, and David Prowse who, though his face was never seen, was Darth Vader throughout the original trilogy.

The team plans to hold the London preview screening at Elstree Studios in one of the sound stages where Star Wars was filmed. While they have been fully funded, the Kickstarter remains open for those wishing to help with the production and possibly score some of the bounty being offered for donation, like a signed Boba Fett helmet and a chance to attend the London screening and Q & A session with cast members.

Phineas and Ferb Go To Space

Never one to pass up an opportunity, Disney is taking full advantage of its new ownership of Lucasfilm Star Wars characters. Disney cartoon heroes Phineas and Ferb will be spending part of their summer vacation in a galaxy far far away in their newest movie Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars.

The step brothers, known for their summer time misadventures, will set off on an adventure that parallels the story line of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and kids and adults alike will be treated to cameos by some fan favorites. Fans of the show are no doubt eager to see if the movie will include one of the shows trademark musical numbers, or if the super agent/family pet Perry the Platypus has Jedi status, though it’s highly likely he is at least a member of the Rebel Alliance.

The movie special will air Saturday, July 26.

Star Wars Rumors

Another casting rumor for you this week, and this one is a biggie. Originally posted by Latino Review, it is rumored that Billie Lourd, daughter of Carrie Fisher, has been cast to play her mother’s younger self in flashback scenes. At 21, she just a tad older than her mom was when she took on the role of Princess Leia, and she is a dead ringer for her mom.

billie lourd fisher Star Wars Roundup: Fan Boy Gets The Feels, New Documentary, & Rumors Galore

Billie Lourd and Carrie Fisher, Both a princess? (Image:Dior, Lucas Film)

While Lourd doesn’t have any acting credits to her name, she did grow up in a Hollywood Family. Not only is her mother Carrie Fisher, her dad is Bryan Lourd, talent agent, and her grandmother is Debbie Reynolds (Singing In The Rain, How The West Was Won), a Hollywood icon. No pressure though, it’s only arguably the biggest movie of 2015. In all seriousness, if the rumors are true, Fisher will be on hand to help her daughter out.

The possibility that a young Leia has been cast for flashback scenes raises even more questions as to the premise of the film. Will we see the torture scene between Leia and Vader in her cell in New Hope? Or maybe what was going on before Vader boarded her ship? And will there be a young Luke? Or Han? (deep breath).

Other casting rumors included a hint as to who our heroes may be fighting. The rumor is that black and silver/chrome troopers have been seen. Now, the assumption has been that these must be Mandalorians, a group of badass bounty hunter who roam the galaxy. However, if you put this rumor together with the aforementioned casting rumor, they could be troopers from the past or present.

Another rumor was posted regarding Lupita Nyong’o, which suggests she will be playing one of the Nightsisters, a sect of the Witches of Dathomir, who appeared in the animated series The Clone Wars. The witches are known for harnessing the power of the Dark Side by using spells and potions. As these rumors have not been confirmed, it is unclear if she would play an existing character from the animated series, possibly Asajj Ventress, or if she would be a new character all together.

Ventress TDS Star Wars Roundup: Fan Boy Gets The Feels, New Documentary, & Rumors Galore

Could this be who our heroes will face in Episode VII? (Image:Lucasfilm, Disney)

After creating a major buzz at this years E3 Expo, the team at DICE may have spoken too soon with their promise to release Star Wars: Battlefront by the summer of 2015. Rumors that the release date may be delayed due to development of Battlefront being suspended to work on Battlefield 4 until it was finished have yet to be confirmed. Given the lackluster launch of Battlefield 4, a delay on what should be a game that will blow audiences away might not be such a bad thing, giving developers time to attend to every detail of the game, as promised in their trailer.

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