Stephen King’s The Stand Gets a New Director

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A feature film version of Stephen King's 1978 post apocalyptic novel The Stand has been in the works since Warner Bros. and CBS films partnered up in 2011.

The production however has experienced a number of ups and downs as various people have attached and then detached themselves from the project. Ben Affleck left to become the new Batman, David Yates (Harry Potter) and screenwriter Steve Kloves dropped out, citing the book was impossible to properly adapt, and most recently Scott Cooper (Out of the Furnace) left after fighting with the studio over the rating.

Now word on the street is that The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone is in talks to become the film’s next writer and director. Some speculate the reason why Boone is being considered is the possibility of The Stand benefiting from some YA crossover. Of course, this flies directly in the face of the recent rumors that the film might be R-rated. Reports indicate the R-rating is because the potential new script would be much closer to the book than what the studio had been previously considering.

King told Entertainment Weekly that even he could not see the project as a single film and felt that maybe a trilogy would be able to capture all the elements of the novel. Frankly, I agree with this assessment. The book provides much grist for the mill and a trilogy would solve the issues that the 1994 ABC miniseries encountered towards the end of its production, as money became scarce and sets became, let us say, a bit rushed.

 Stephen Kings The Stand Gets a New Director

King has a number of adaptations in the works; feature film versions of The Dark Tower and Mercy are in development, while CBS’ Under the Dome will return for a second season, and the Carrie remake was recently released on BluRay. King seems to be everywhere right now…

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