Strange Craters Form in Siberia, Baffle Scientists

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Yamal, Siberia has been experiencing some creepy occurrences, lately. A few weeks ago, scientists were alerted to a massive crater in Yamal's permafrost.

The crater isn’t your usual crater, and a cause for the crater hasn’t yet been identified. The mystery has deepened because two smaller craters have been since discovered, The Siberian Times reported. The paper stated that one of the craters is located in Yamal, while the other is eastward, on the Taymyr Peninsula.

The newest crater in Yamal is 15 meters wide and has an icy lake at the bottom. The fact that this mysterious crater exists is a bit scary by itself, but even scarier is how witnesses say it was formed.

This crater is the first one to be formed with witnesses surrounding it. The witnesses have conflicting reports; some say that the ground started smoking and a big flash of light appeared. Others said the crater was caused by a meteorite.

Whatever the reason, one of the causes rumored is global warming. The first crater – a cone-shape that has scientists baffled as to if it’s manmade or naturally-forming – might have been caused by an explosion of gas trapped in the permafrost. This internet theory carries some weight since the crater is close to Siberia’s largest natural gas reserve. The area has also been affected extensively by climate change, experiencing temperatures warmer than in the past 120,000 years.

Of course, you could also believe that aliens or underground Pacific Rim-esque kaiju caused it and that we’re all a few years away from using mech suits to fight for our Earthly birthright. That’s the more colorful theory.

What do you think about these weird craters? Is it caused by man’s destruction of the earth, or monsters and aliens? Discuss below!

Image: Siberian Times TV

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