Superhero-Themed “Super Medicine” Developed for Child Cancer Patients

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Who says superheroes only help people in the comics? The A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo, Brazil, has teamed up with DC Comics parent company Warner Brothers via their shared ad agency, JWT, to create the “super formula,” a DC-themed IV-bag cover to help ease kids into getting treated for cancer.

Because so much of the fight against cancer is helped by having a positive attitude and finding the willpower to keep going, the covers seem like a great way to help kids find the courage to keep going during the painful and unpleasant process of chemotherapy.

According to a press release published by JWT, the covers are “easy to sterilize and handle and meet all hospital hygiene standards.”

So far, there are four different covers featuring the logos of DC characters: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. Check out this video about the initiative:

As you can see, JWT worked with Warner and DC to even create animated videos and comic books to show the usually invulnerable superheroes afflicted with illnesses with effects similar to what a child goes through with cancer. And how do they get better? By taking the super formula, of course.

JWT took the initiative to the next level as well, giving the entire children’s ward of the hospital a new super-heroic theme: “The game room was turned into the Hall of Justice, corridors and doors were decorated in the same theme, and the exterior acquired an exclusive entrance for these little heroes.”

It’s pretty amazing to see an initiative like this take place. Hopefully more ideas like this will spread across the world, helping kids lean on heroes to stay strong in the face of a tough foe like cancer.

Source: Buzzfeed, JWT

Image: JWT, DC Comics

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