Superman Unchained #8-9 Cancelled, ‘First Contact’ Publishing Delays, & Forever Evil Pushed Back

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We've got some bad news for fans of Superman Unchained, the latest casualty from DC's recent problem with publishing delays.

The final two issues were recently cancelled by DC, with re-solicitations to occur at a later date. Since we have seen solicitations for these issues already, it might just be an issue of requiring more time. But it might also not bode well for Superman Unchained, especially considering some of the other Jim Lee projects with DC still waiting for their conclusions.

We’ve seen this happen before with Jim Lee projects, like Batman: Europa which has been solicited a few times over the years, along with Dark Knight: The Boy Wonder, his sequel to All-Star Batman and Robin that takes place in The Dark Knight Returns universe and despite solicitations, was never produced. This is something that occurred back in his Wildstorm days, when the highly anticipated WildCats series from Grant Morrison and Lee produced one issue and then disappeared forever.

First Contact Ships Out of Order Superman Unchained #8 9 Cancelled, First Contact Publishing Delays, & Forever Evil Pushed BackWith the recent publishing debacle that saw Batman/Superman #9 – the third part in a four part crossover with Worlds’ Finest – pushed back a month, which resulted in the finale of ‘First Contact’ publishing out of order, fans are starting to wonder if this is only the beginning. We’ve seen a few editorial problems pop up in the New 52, but we are now starting to see these publishing issues develop, and can only hope it isn’t the start of something bigger.

Forever Evil #7 and a number of tie-in issues (Justice League #30, Justice League of America #14, Nightwing #30, Suicide Squad #30) have all been pushed back until May, while other series moved on, dealing with the ramifications of Forever Evil #7 (which we won’t see until May 21), like this week’s Action Comics #30.

What are your thoughts on Superman Unchained‘s ‘cancellation’? Have some of the recent publishing issues affected your weekly purchases from DC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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