Superman’s Debut, Action Comics #1, Sells For $3.2m

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In an eBay auction that ended Sunday evening, a copy of Action Comics #1 fetched $3,207,852.

Regarded as the holy grail of comic books by collectors, Action Comics #1 is widely credited for being the beginning of the superhero industry. The auction started on August 14 with a bid of $1 million and then gradually flew ever higher over the next 10 days, drawing in 13 different bidders with a total of 48 bids. The action truly heated up over the final few minutes as the bidding quickly jumped until the final minutes, and ended on the recording-breaking $3.2m it is now.

“This was a record auction for eBay as it was the most expensive comic book ever sold on our marketplace,”  said Gene Cook, general manager of emerging verticals for eBay Marketplaces.

Darren Adams, the seller and owner of Pristine Comics shop based in Washington said, following the auction:

“I actually held it for a few years – I was so excited about this book… Most books have a history…  but this book was totally off the grid, and nobody knew about it till I made it known… If anyone has ever been curious what an Action Comics #1 looked like the day it came off of the newsstand 75 years ago, this is the answer”

Adams’s copy was particularly well preserved because the original owner kept it in a cedar chest at high altitude in West Virginia after purchasing it from a newsstand in 1938. The owner kept it in that chest until he died, and the issue was later sold to Adams for a seven-figure sum.

By far the highest price ever paid for a single comic book, this particular issue was higher than the CGC 9.0 grade copy of Action Comics #1, which was sold by for a record $2,161,000 in 2011.

Action Comics #1 was published in 1938 and features the first appearance of Superman. As part of a deal between Adams and eBay, 1% of the sale will be donated to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation for spinal-cord injury and paralysis research.

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