SyFy Greenlights Pilot for Bryan Fuller’s High Moon

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Bryan Fuller's High Moon, a project the writer has been trying to get off the ground for a couple of years now, has finally found a home. It was announced yesterday that SyFy has ordered a 90-minute pilot for the series.

High Moon is an adaptation of John Christopher’s 1969 novel The Lotus Caves. The book, set on a moon colony in 2068, tells the story of two teenagers commandeering a lunar vehicle and exploring the area that surrounds their biodome. They discover a series of caves during their time away where both an alien race and a missing moon settler reside.

Walden Media, the group responsible for Holes and the Chronicles of Narnia film series, attempted to make a feature based on The Lotus Caves in 2007, but it fell through.

So, that makes three projects for Fuller – Hannibal, Mockingbird Lane and High Moon. The first two will air on NBC in 2012; no potential air date for the High Moon pilot has been given. Here’s hoping each of these projects are able to outlast Fuller’s sorely missed Pushing Daisies.

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