SyFy Reveals New Details on Twelve Monkeys: The Series

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Some time ago, the folks at SyFy expressed interest in creating a television series based Twelve Monkeys, the wonderful Terry Gilliam film that taught the geek community that it was OK to love Brad Pitt.

Now it looks like it’s finally coming together! Deadline broke some news yesterday regarding the show’s director, cast and when the pilot would be filming.

Here’s a VERY basic synopsis of the film’s plot, for the unfortunate souls who haven’t seen it:

James Cole is an imprisoned criminal living in a post-apocalyptic future caused by a virus outbreak that forced the world’s population to move underground. At some point after the virus outbreak, time travel was invented by a group of scientists; they offer Cole a pardon if he will travel back to the mid-90s and prevent the virus outbreak from happening. He is mistakenly sent to the wrong time and is thrown into an institution. In said institution, we meet Brad Pitt’s Jeffrey Goines, which, undoubtedly, is one of his most memorable performances. Twelve Monkeys is an incredibly complex and mysterious film that is well-worth watching.

Aaron Stanford, who will soon finish up his run as IT ninja Seymour Birkoff on The CW’s Nikita, will portray James Cole in the television series; Amanda Schull, who you might recognize from USA’s Suits, will portray Doctor Cassandra Railly, a freshened-up version of Madeline Stowe’s character from the film, Kathryn Railly. The pilot, written by Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett (Nikita), will begin filming next month. Helix director Jeffrey Reiner will be behind the camera.

Aaron Stanford on Nikita SyFy Reveals New Details on Twelve Monkeys: The Series

Aaron Stanford on Nikita

Is a Twelve Monkeys series something the world needs? Will it taint your memories of the film? Let us know if you will be watching in the comments.

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