SyFy shuts down Warehouse 13 with a 5th and final season

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The SyFy channel announced this morning that their television show Warehouse 13 will end after a fifth and final season. It's unclear as to when the final, six episode season will air on the channel.

Warehouse 13 first premiered on July 7th, 2009, where it became the channel’s third highest start to a television show. Its first episodes received stellar ratings and was renewed for four seasons. Starring Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Saul Rubinek, the show followed a secret US Government operation that tracked down supernatural artifacts from around the world and was described as a sort of X-Files meets Indiana Jones type of show.

The show had several episodes that crossed over with two other SyFy properties, Eureka and Alphas, both of which were also cancelled recently. This clearing house at the channel makes us wonder what’s coming up. For the last couple of years, SyFy has shifted its programming from space opera programs such as Battlestar Galactica, Farscape and Stargate to more earthbound programs such as Alphas, Eureka and Warehouse 13. Now, with Defiance started and already renewed for another season, alongside an ambitious slate of other space-opera style shows coming up, we have to wonder if the channel is entering a new phase of themes for the next couple of years.

At the very least, the cancellation of Warehouse 13 has been met with muted appreciation that it will have some time to have a proper sendoff. Hopefully, this will be a trend for other cancelled shows in the near future.

UPDATE: If you’ve never watched the show or you’re just a little behind, you can catch up online (legally) courtesy of Comcast Xfinity and Hulu!

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