Tales to Admonish: Andrez Bergen Discusses His New Geek-Fueled Comic

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When fellow Melburnian Matt Kyme and I first hooked up last year, we had no idea we’d end up doing a comic book together.

Sure, we hailed from the same city – even if I’d parked my backside in Tokyo for the past 13 years – and we both adored comic books, but I don’t think either of us suspected we’d collaborate to start making our own.

But Tales To Admonish was a concept that dawned on us both a day after Jack Kirby’s 96th birthday (that was on August 28th last year). While it’s a cheeky reference to the long-running Tales To Astonish that Kirby and Steve Ditko worked on way back when, Matt and I have been using the two issues thus far as a forum in which to shake about our love for Silver and Golden Age comic books by people such as the ‘King’, Ditko, Will Eisner, and Tarpé Mills.

Tales To Admonish cover Issue 1 Tales to Admonish: Andrez Bergen Discusses His New Geek Fueled Comic

Thrown into the pictorial mix are additional references to other things we both dig like Raymond Chandler, Akira, Kolchak the Night Stalker, Buffy, Stanley Kubrick, Michael Jackson, McMillan & Wife, Hardboiled, Blondie, Twilight Zone and Into the Night. Not that we’d claim to possess a single percentage point of their talent and/or cultural impact, but I think you may get the gist of the slant.

Tales To Admonish 2 excerpt ii 600x303 Tales to Admonish: Andrez Bergen Discusses His New Geek Fueled Comic

In each of the first two issues we’ve sandwiched together jocular horror, Golden Age super heroics, a crime story, and offbeat, cynical futurism with tongue firmly in cheek – perhaps something akin to entertainment offered up at the Colosseum back when Emperor Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus was still wearing short-pants.

Tales to Admonish #2 will be launched on Jan. 26th. For more details visit the IF? COMMIX.

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