Talking the Evolution of Anime Culture with VIZ Media

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For a long time, anime has been the weird little sister to much of the US's more "mainstream" geek obsessions. But that is changing.

For some, the appeal is easy to understand: beautifully animated stories, engaging characters, off-the-wall humor, and intense action abound in the hundreds of thousands of titles pouring out of Asia. For for some, it’s still a little bit confusing. So when we were at Anime Expo, we stopped by the VIZ Media booth to get their take on the State of Anime here in America. VIZ is the company that brings us stateside fans access to a wide variety of anime and manga like Naruto, Berserk, K, Bleach, Tiger & Bunny, Blue Exorcist, Inuyasha, and so much more. And now with the online launch of Neon Alley, anime fans can access English dubbed, exclusive, uncut and uncensored anime 24/7 from their Mac or PC.

We gave Charlene Ingram from VIZ Media the mic to tell us more about what’s to come with VIZ and Neon Alley as well as share with us her passion for anime and the expanding anime culture as its moved from a niche obsession to full blown phenomenon here in the US.

Video Segment Producer: Mauricio Portillo

Images: VIZ Media

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