Techno Babble – Nathan Fillion is More than a Little Excited about New Technology

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Nathan Fillion is more than a little excited about new technology.

“I love my iPad — I’ve even pre-ordered the Pebble, which is the little Bluetooth watch that you can use to download apps and kind of have it do different things and tell you when a text is coming in and things like that,” says Nathan Fillion with the unabashed exuberance of a true technology buff. “Then there’s the Leap Motion control — it’s a little device that you hook up to computers and you can access it with Minority Report-style hand gestures. This thing is very accurate. I’m also very much into electric cars. There’s a company I’ve been following very closely and I’m going to be very soon driving an Arcimoto SRK — it’s an electric car company out of Eugene, Oregon. These guys build a three-wheel electric car; it looks like a spaceship and it’s so much fun to drive. I want one desperately. Since I was a kid, I was like, ‘When are cars going to look like spaceships?’ Tesla is now coming out with their Model X. It’s an electric little mini-SUV crossover that’s got these falcon-wing doors. I’m super-duper into what the next step in transportation will be. Lit Motors has a new motorcycle called the C-1, a self-balancing bike with two wheels and no kick-stand — it’s enclosed, and you never put your feet down.”

techno babble arcimot srk 300x164 Techno Babble  Nathan Fillion is More than a Little Excited about New TechnologyAsked why he’s so focused on new-school transportation, Fillion reasons, “Because it’s the year 2012 and we were supposed to have flying cars by 2000. It’s such a slow-moving industry because big oil and big auto don’t want you buying new stuff that’s going to last forever. They want you to buy the old stuff that’s going to keep them in business. And until people start wanting what’s better and buying what’s better, it’s never going to change. Well, I see the change now. I’m seeing the Chevy Volt, I’m seeing plug-in hybrids, I’m seeing the Honda, I’m seeing Mini-Coopers that are electric and little BMWs that are electric. I love the sound of an electric car — that’s the sound of the future to me and I want it in my driveway.”


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