Teen Wolf’s Colton Haynes Joins The CW’s Arrow as Roy Harper

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The producers of The CW's Arrow have mined yet another character from the comic on which the series is based. This time, it's none other than Roy Harper, aka Speedy. He served as the Green Arrow's sidekick for a while before becoming a member of the Teen Titans and a drug-enforcement agent for the Central Bureau of Investigations. He'll be portrayed on the show by Colton Haynes, formerly of MTV's Teen Wolf.  

Here’s the character’s origin story from DC’s Wikia page: “He is a highly trained weapons expert and martial artist, specializing in archery. Roy grew up a Navajo reservation where he learned to shoot, after his father died in an accident. Originally he was the sidekick of Green Arrow, but quit over personal issues, and had a long struggle against a heroin addiction.” The TV version, according to a bio published by TV Guide, will be a ”handsome, street-savvy, teenager from the Glades, the harsh, poverty-stricken portion of Starling City.” So handsome, apparently, that he’ll catch the eye of Thea, our hero’s younger sister. 

Harper operated as a daring do-gooder under three names in the comics – Speedy, Red Arrow and Arsenal. I suspect that if he becomes a hero on Arrow, he’ll forgo Speedy in favor of one of the more intimidating sounding monikers. 

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