Telltale Games Releases The Walking Dead Season Two Trailer

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Telltale Games impressed us with the first season downloadable episodes of The Walking Dead, which told a rich story full of dramatic moments and themes we've grown to love from the series written by Robert Kirkman.

The first trailer rehashes some of the first season’s memorable moments and then gives us our first glimpse at the continuation of the story. This time around we play as Clementine, the hard as nails survivor from the first season that we trained to survive in the new zombie infested world.┬áThere isn’t much revealed about the story besides Clementine’s central role and some new characters showing up, but the feeling of danger and peril increases as the trailer builds.

‘Episode One: All That Remains’ has no announce date set, but apparently it’s coming soon. This is the third game set in The Walking Dead universe, with both seasons and tie-in episodes called 400 Days that bridges the gap between the seasons.┬áTelltale Games recently released another comic book adaptation with The Wolf Among Us, starring Bigby Wolf from Fables by Bill Willingham.

Were you a fan of the first season of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead? Excited to continue the story when ‘All That Remains’ is released? Let us know in the comments section below!

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