Texas Chainsaw Massacre Coming Back to Theaters in 4k High Def!

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There have been so many remakes and add-ons to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Too many remakes, if you ask some horror fans and critics. But if you want to see the original film in the best way possible, then get ready for the re-release of the 1974 film that started it all.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and to honor the celebration, the film is coming back to theaters June 20. The new print of the film will be much clearer than it’s ever been with a 4K transfer. This isn’t your average transfer; generally, theatrical releases have 2K transfers, the resolution here is significantly higher. Also, the 4K transfer is the only transfer that is using the original 16mm A/B rolls. There’s already no comparison between the original film and the subsequent offshoots, but after this special re-release, there really will be no argument about any newer “Massacre” film being better than the original.

With The Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans probably getting ready to lose their minds over the theatrical re-release, you might be wondering when the home release of the film will be hitting shelves. Unfortunately, there’s no definite answer as of yet, which is extremely disappointing. But you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be a release at some point; there’s no way a new transfer of the film wouldn’t make it to DVD and Blu-ray.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 600x898 Texas Chainsaw Massacre Coming Back to Theaters in 4k High Def!

What do you think about the new release of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Are you going to watch the horror film in the theaters, the way it was originally seen? Discuss this horror classic in the comments section below!

Image: Bryanston Distributing, Dark Sky

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