The 1st Full Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer is Here!

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If you saw the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey this past weekend, you more than likely got your first full peek at Star Trek Into Darkness. I saw the 9 minute preview, which was pant-wettingly awesome, but I didn't see the shorter trailer seen in the regular theaters. I have to ask - was this the trailer you saw? Either way, here's the full official trailer direct from the source and it's got some new things to chew on that wasn't even touched upon in the 9 minute preview.

We can hear Bruce Greenwood as Christopher Pike providing the voiceover, talking about Captain Kirk and his hubris, his tendency to barrel into a situation with reckless confidence, but rarely taking the potentially horrible consequences of his actions into consideration. Then we hear Benedict Cumberbatch as the still mysterious new villain speaking to Kirk (or the Federation?) undermining their confidence with vague threats. The folks over at have polled their fans on who they think Cumberbatch might be portraying and the top vote-getter might surprise you.

Even though I got it from, it appears the teaser was removed from there also. However, until it comes back to YouTube in a more official capacity, you can watch it on Apple’s iTunes Movie Trailers. Just wish they’d make it easier to embed. Not blowing all day to figure that out.

All I can really say about this trailer is that it’s got lots of shootin’, screamin’, punchin’, crashin’, and ‘splodin’. And what’s with everybody jumping/falling off stuff? Either way, my butt is in the theater May 17, 2013.

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