The Art of the Steal: Kurt Russell and Matt Dillon’s Bible Heist Trailer

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The Art of the Steal premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2013 to favorable reviews, and now American audiences are going to get a gander at this new heist picture.

Written and directed by Jonathan Sobol (A Beginners Guide to Endings, Citizen Duane) and produced by a collaboration of Sony, The Weinstein Company,  Entertainment One, and Darius Films. The Art of the Steal shows Sobol’s crisp dialogue and his ability to make a comedic ensemble cast work in what many would call a one-off crime premise.

Kurt Russell plays a third rate stunt driver/retired art thief who gets pulled back into the game by his shifty brother Matt Dillon to steal a rare book. In this case the most valuable book in the world – an original copy of a Gutenberg Bible. Russell puts together his old team of fellow thieves, but the heist isn’t quite what it seems and things predictably go awry. Terence Stamp, Jay Baruchel, Katheryn Winnick, and Jason Jones round out the cast.

The preview paints a pretty familiar picture of a down on his luck Russell wanting to pull off that one last big score. It goes on to show how each member of the heist team has their own unique specialty and of course some focus to the dogged detective who wants nothing more than to bring them all down. Throw in some priceless art, and a few bad jokes and there you have it.

On the surface The Art of the Steal looks a bit like a lower budget art oriented Oceans 11, which may satisfy some viewers, particularly ones new to the caper genre. However, the film might need an incredible twist to add anything new to the genre for it to transcend the over used premise. In truth, while the film looks well put together with an interesting cast, you’ve probably seen something like it before.

the art of the steal poster 01credit 600x867 The Art of the Steal: Kurt Russell and Matt Dillons Bible Heist Trailer

Radius-TWC  will release the film on VOD February 7, 2014 followed by a theatrical release on March 14, 2014

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