The Batman Chronicles: Indie Filmmakers Inspired by 75 Years of Character

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For 75 years DC Comics' Batman has inspired generations of artists. From fan art to fan fiction, the series has been remade, reimagined and retooled.

While audiences await the next iteration of Batman in the yet to be titled Batman vs. Superman movie, some fans are taking things into their own hands.

Dan and Joe Petruccio are a prime example of the impact the Batman comics have had on artists of many genres. Batman fans their entire lives, the brothers dreamed of creating a fan film, but it wasn’t until 2012 that they dove in, determined to make their dream a reality. So it was that the journey to The Batman Chronicles began.

Dan, who dons the cape and cowl as well as heading the project as executive producer reached out to his good friend, writer Mike Lupia to join the team and create a script worthy of the series. Though they had initially intended the story to fall along the lines of Year One or The Killing Joke, they decided ultimately to create something new. But every hero needs a nemesis, and so the team set out to find one.

Mike Lupia told Geek:

“…We also decided that you can’t have a new imagining of Batman without a great Joker. Although this was written to be a Batman-centric series, the Joker is the yin to that yang and you really need both of those great halves to create a truly great whole. We discovered Anthony (Misiano) through his fantastic cosplay. We communicated online for a while, but once we sent him over the scripts and he saw our vision, he was in. The greatest part about working with Anthony, though, is not just in his costumes: it’s him as a complete package.”

The teaser trailer for The Batman Chronicles - which premiered on YouTube on April 30th - says it all. After raising funds for the project with IndieGOGO, the team has been able to create what looks to be a masterful take on the world of Gotham. Joe Petruccio directs Lupias script while Misiano, in addition to his masterful turn as the Joker, took on costumes and helped to edit the series as well.

Lupia, a relatively new fan, pinpoints where the real draw of the series may lie.

“I’m enthralled with the complexity of the character, and that’s what really made him so fun to write. There’s multiple layers to pick at in every aspect of Bruce Wayne’s life: his psyche, his relationships with his allies, his relationships with his enemies… the list goes on. As a writer, the base for me is the characters and what makes them tick”

75 years of art and story have inspired volumes still. Artists like The Batman Chronicles team will continue to find inspiration in the pages of the comic book while spreading their love of the fandom to others.

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Art, in its many forms, inspired by Batman( Image:Art by Anthony Misiano, Shades/Inventiveworks production)

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