The Walking Dead: New Trailer Promos Mid-Season Return

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For those of you still holding your breath after The Walking Dead's mid season finale, your wait is nearly over.

The show returns with episode nine of the promised 16 in a few weeks. With walkers descending on our cast of heroes, who have all scattered, the question remains, will they ever get things back to the way they used to be? From the looks of the trailer things are certainly not getting any less gory or intense. The AMC description of the seasons second half is no more promising than the horror filled trailer.

“What was a challenging life behind fences and walls grows that much more perilous and precious as they are exposed to new dangers, new enemies, and heart breaking choices. they will have their faith thoroughly tested- a faith that breaks some and redeems other.”

With hordes of zombies already on the list of enemies, one can only imagine what could possible be any worse.

Also, word is that a major character will die in the second half of the season. If it true, who do you think it will be?

Episode 9 airs February 9th at 9pm on AMC.

Image: AMC

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