The Death Of Superman Lives Trailer: Tim Burton’s Aborted Superman Movie

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Jon Schnepp has been trying to finish his Kickstarter-funded documentary, The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened, which aims to tell the story of the high-profile Superman movie that never hit theaters.

Director Tim Burton almost followed up on the success he had with Batman in 1989 by bringing back the Man Of Steel to the big screen. Nicolas Cage was going to play Superman (long Jesus-locks and all) with a script from Kevin Smith. The documentary’s first trailer premiered at Comic-Con and is now available online. Take a look:

Chris Rock as Jimmy Olsen; a Kevin Smith screenplay; Burton’s emphasis on Superman-as-alien; a Batman cameo; and a black Superman costume that admittedly looks pretty impressive. The best part has to be the plethora of test-footage the documentary promises to show. Everything from costume and flying tests to animated storyboards and discussions about the film’s story, which would have included villains like Brainiac, and even a cameo by Batman.

The trailer conveys a relatively rudimentary shooting style, relying more on the impressive array of talking heads from those involved with the abandoned film. The documentary’s hook is how it [potentially] taps into that curiosity many fans have about the Superman movie starring Nic Cage as Superman, directed by Tim Burton and scripted by Kevin Smith. In the same vein as last year’s Jodorowsky’s Dune, which told the story of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s unsuccessful attempt to bring Frank Herbert’s Dune to screens (several years before the David Lynch version). Schnepp’s Superman documentary taps into the endless “what if” possibilities that have echoed throughout the history of prospective sci-fi, fantasy, and comic-book properties.

movie costumes The Death Of Superman Lives Trailer: Tim Burtons Aborted Superman Movie

Schnepp still needs to raise $85,000 to finish the film, but hopefully he might be able to bring the doc to San Diego next year and general audiences everywhere else shortly after. This is the same man who brought us Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse and previously contributed a short to The ABC’s Of Death.

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