The Flash: CW Reveals First Image of Grant Gustin in the Full Suit!

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Our first look at Grant Gustin in the Flash suit continues to build the hype of the CW pilot.

We were first teased by our initial look at the costume, which featured only a profiled headshot of the mask, which was still enough to get us excited. Earlier today Grant Gustin tweeted to his fans another tease, asking if they were ready to see the full suit.

Gustin and the CW didn’t disappoint and released our first look at the full Flash costume that we will see in the pilot episode.

Grant Gustin as the Flash The Flash: CW Reveals First Image of Grant Gustin in the Full Suit!

Much like our first image of the mask, this look at the costume doesn’t quite offer us the full picture. However, we do get a look at some of the fine detailing that stood out with the mask image, as well as our first look at the Flash symbol.

Obviously the suit can look nice in a picture, but the real test is when we get to see it in action, which will probably not be for a while. The mask looks a little clunky at this angle, and offers a different look from the side profile, but it’s not enough to dampen our excitement. These images are only building anticipation for the pilot, which is currently filming.

David E. Kelley’s failed attempt at Wonder Woman attempted to build some anticipation by releasing an early image of Adrianne Palicki as Diana Prince, but that was met with a pretty poor fan reaction that did not help the pilot find a network.

What do you think of the new Flash suit? Are you having flashbacks to Palicki’s Wonder Woman or does this look at the suit give you hope? let us know in the comments section below!

Image: CW

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