The Flash Recieves a Standalone Pilot, Hourman Series in Development at the CW

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The CW continues to build its DC universe along with Stephen Amell's Green Arrow, which has continued to wow audiences as the second season develops.

While the upcoming episodes of Arrow that introduce the character of Barry Allen AKA the Flash were originally intended to be a backdoor pilot for the character’s own spin-off show, producers were so impressed with the scenes involving Allen that they have greenlit a pilot episode for the series. This could definitely be considered a good sign, as it means the network not only believes in the casting of Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, but they are willing to spend more money to make sure they make the best intro to the character of the Flash that they can. Gustin was originally set to appear in episodes 8, 9, and 20 of the series, with the debut of the Flash occurring in the 20th episode. With the pilot now being produced chances are the last Allen appearance on Arrow might change, but time will tell on that front.

Pilot budgets are generally larger than episodic budgets, and without trying to tie the power filled world of the Flash with the no-power’s mandate we saw Arrow develop early, that leaves more room to really delve into the character of Barry Allen without the restrictions of Arrow‘s already established rules. While the two heroes will still occupy the same universe, it stands to reason that Arrow will be able to retain the semi-realistic world they occupy, at least until the inevitable power-filled Flash crossover happens. Earlier this week we saw a few pics from the upcoming episodes of Arrow that see Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen make his first appearance, albeit in a less than spectacular way, as this is before the accident that creates the Flash.

So that marks two heavy hitters coming from the CW, but that isn’t quite all she wrote. Recent rumors suggest the CW is looking at adapting the character of Hourman for a dramatic series, which may seem like a bit of an obscure character to work with. The character of Hourman has had a few different iterations over the years, spanning from a costumed crimefighter dealing with traumatic visions that occur one hour in the future to a hero who pops pills that grant him superpowers for one hour at a time. No word on which version of the character we will see on the CW, but chances are it won’t be the drug-endorsing version..

Hourman by John Cassaday The Flash Recieves a Standalone Pilot, Hourman Series in Development at the CWIt remains to be seen what the visual costumes of The Flash and Hourman will look like, if we even get to see costumes. Flash has basically been confirmed as donning the red suit, but Hourman could potentially work without a costume at all. Arrow gave us a pretty good interpretation of the Emerald Archer’s outfit, despite the lack of a mask and the semi-ridiculous use of eye makeup as a replacement. While the makeup added a nice visual effect of the costume, we’ve already seen the effective use of masks on a few other characters (Huntress and Canary), and it looks like Green Arrow finally dons a mask in an upcoming episode. This bodes well for both characters potential costume choices, and we hope the CW isn’t afraid of the tights anymore, like we saw with Smallville.

What do you think of the CW’s ongoing relationship with DC Comics? Will the other networks with DC  related series (Fox’s Gotham and NBC’s Constantine) pull attention away from the CW series, and is that a good or a bad thing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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