The Flash Trailer Has Arrived! Five Plus Minutes of Awesome

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After a teaser during the Arrow season finale, a full length The Flash trailer has arrived and it is pretty bad ass.

It wasn’t surprising that Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen showed up in the The Flash teaser as it was aired during Arrow (seriously, how amazing was that season finale?!?!) but as we discover in The Flash trailer, perhaps that won’t be the last of the crossovers.

For a show that had an intro on another, this was about as perfect a trailer as you can ask for. The dark and sad classic “mother is murdered by man in lightning” intro, replaying how Barry Allen actually became The Flash that was shown earlier in this season of Arrow, and then jumping to when he recovers from his coma in Central City and the beginnings of his time as The Flash. Bonus, Oliver Queen is instrumental in his becoming a superhero as opposed to just using his new found skill set to do whatever someone who is super fast would do.

All major players, beyond the guest star villains whose casting will likely follow the same m.o. as Arrow, were introduced including Iris West (Candace Patton), Cailtin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes), and Detective West who is played by a man no stranger to being cast as a boy in blue, Jesse L. Martin.

Perhaps the biggest character in the trailer (obviously beyond Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen) however, was one that DC fans were a bit puzzled by when announced. That would be Harison Wells, played by the fabulous Tom Cavanagh (I’m still broken up over the cancellation of Love Monkey). Not a DC Universe character, Harison Wells is a bit of a wildcard. Usually comic fans hear a name and can immediately rattle off who they are associated with, their storyline, who they end up killing or are killed by, or often both. But with Wells there was none of that so it was extremely reassuring to see that Harison Wells, at least from this trailer, looks to be an interesting character. He obviously has some type of backstory, the whole wheelchair thing plus being head physicist at Star Labs and looking for metahumans, that the show will hopefully delve into.

For a moment though, let’s just enjoy the fact that the dude in the Labatt Blue Light commercials is now playing a head physicist for anyone.

The one somewhat odd thing about this The Flash trailer is it seemed to be rather liberal with details. There will likely be some that scream in horror, “why did they show us how he defeats the bad guy?” but DC fans who picked up the name will surely not be worried. Barry Allen calls him Clyde Mardon. Clyde Marden is indeed a DC character, but he’s actually the brother of the actual villain Mark Mardon, aka Weather Wizard. It’s unknown if they’ve decided that Weather Wizard is too much of a b-list villain to stick with his actual name or if they’ve given Clyde a bit more oomph in their version of the story. Either way, it’s pretty certain that Weather Wizard won’t be playing any “big bad” when it comes to The Flash.

The possibilities for that are almost endless as Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, and Warner Bros. have not been afraid to tap into the vast world of various DC villains. With a “lighter” and more humor filled show like The Flash, could I possibly have my hopes and dreams answered and see Onomatopoeia make his way to TV? Fingers crossed.

One thing we don’t have to wonder about is whether or not The Flash will continue with the easter eggs that Arrow already excels at. Right off the bat in The Flash trailer, we see a big one.

Ferris Air The Flash 600x300 The Flash Trailer Has Arrived! Five Plus Minutes of Awesome

It is probably extremely unlikely, but could we possibly someday see a Mr. Hal Jordan in The Flash and/or Arrow? Story wise it wouldn’t be that unusual as Hal Jordan is friends with both Barry Allen and Oliver Queen, however bringing Green Lantern to TV, especially this universe created on The CW, could be a tall order. Perhaps even taller than Onomatopoeia. Then again, when Arrow first started and such a big deal was made about there being no superpowers and no metahumans, fans all but wrote off any possibility of there being a Flash show in the same universe, and here we are. So… never say never!

Along with the trailer, it was also announced when The Flash will be airing. Some thought (again, it was me) that perhaps the CW would put Arrow and The Flash together on Wednesday nights, but instead Barry Allen will be residing on Tuesday nights at 8/7 central as a lead-in into Supernatural. Interesting to note, that means that comics fans will have a show on every weeknight besides Thursdays. Gotham airs on Monday nights on Fox, The Flash on Tuesdays on The CW, Arrow on Wednesdays also on The CW, and then on Fridays it is Constantine on NBC.

This might be the longest summer ever.

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