The Geek Exchange Podcast Episode 007: GE3k GoE3 CrE3y for E3 2014

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The Geek Exchange Podcast is back and in this episode we are sticking with one topic, and that is E3 2014 and our love for all things video games.

Now that the major press events have come and gone, Chris, Scott, Amanda, and stepping in for Brian this time, Daniel, come together to break it all down. We’ll discuss the highlights, and of course, the definite disappointments, and is Amanda a serial killer in the making?

Find out that and more in the Geek Exchange Podcast Episode 007: GE3k GoE3 CrE3y for E3 2014!

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Links to topics covered in this episode:

Gastrimargus musicus 600x375 The Geek Exchange Podcast Episode 007: GE3k GoE3 CrE3y for E3 2014

- When you go to Wikimedia Commons and search for “clicking noise” you get this beautiful grasshopper picture. Well, first you get a terrifying video of owls screaming and clicking, but I won’t subject you to that horror. Anyway, we don’t know what the clicking noise is, sorry.

- Daniel Woizinski steps in for Brian Kronner this week. He last joined us on Episode 005: The Night You Know Who Died.
- E3 In Theatres
- Microsoft E3 Press Conference Recap (you can find trailers to the games at this link)
- XBox Feedback

lawyered The Geek Exchange Podcast Episode 007: GE3k GoE3 CrE3y for E3 2014

The Witcher 3 New Release Date
- ID@XBox

- EA Press Conference Recap
Battlefield Hardline beta
- Bruce Lee in UFC

- Just for posterity’s sake, what we think the relationship between the two men in the Far Cry 4 trailer is:
* Daniel: Father and Son
* Amanda: Former Partners/Co-workers
* Scott: Himalayan Willy Wonka
* Chris: Random Inception kind of thing

- Sony’s Press Conference Recap (also includes trailers)
The Order: 1886
- Batman: Arkham Knight 
Gameplay Demo
Arkham Knight: 8 Characters We Might See Under the Mask

Scarecrow 600x329 The Geek Exchange Podcast Episode 007: GE3k GoE3 CrE3y for E3 2014

Grim Fandango
Monkey Island
- Nintendo Press Conference Recap

Halo 4 was released in 2012
The E3 in which Microsoft made me hate them and my XBox was actually in 2011. See below for a prime example of why this event was absolutely atrocious.

- Gravity is a part of physics.
- 1886 is indeed a part of the Victorian Era
- Chris needs to stop using the term slappy.
- The Donkey Kong game for Nintendo 64 was called Donkey Kong 64. Fancy that.
- My legal counsel has advised me to no longer discuss my Sims adventures.

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