The Hateful Eight Teaser Poster Confirms 2015 Release Date

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The first teaser poster for Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight has been released, confirming he will direct the film next despite planning to scrap the project when a first draft of the screenplay was leaked.

Back in January, Tarantino filed a lawsuit against Gawker for apparently leaking a first draft of the screenplay to his newest Western The Hateful Eight. Tarantino scrapped the idea of shooting the movie all together but in April, he announced to a crowd at a reading of The Hateful Eight script that he was working on a second draft, with a third to come. Fast-forward to Comic-Con this past weekend where a fan directly asked the director about the status of the Western to which Tarantino (reluctantly) replied, “Yeah — We’re going to be doing The Hateful Eight.” Now only days later, next week’s issue of Empire magazine will feature a full page one-sheet for the movie which confirms the  2015 release, and it will be shot in CinemaScope. Check it out.

the hateful eight poster The Hateful Eight Teaser Poster Confirms 2015 Release Date

At the bottom of the poster, you’ll see a small logo for “Super 70mm Cinemascope” which is an extra-wide anamorphic format used during the mid-50′s till the late 60′s. Whether or not this is confirmed as the actual photographic process for the film is still unconfirmed, but it bodes well given the official poster as well as the opening to the original Hateful Eight script:

A breathtaking 70MM filmed (as is the whole movie) snow-covered mountain range. … Then in the bottom left of this big 70MM SUPER CINEMASCOPE FRAME, we see a STAGECOACH being pulled by a team of SIX HORSES rip snorting through the bottom of the landscape.

The last movie to be shot in 70mm was Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, which created a “Roadshow” event not often seen in modern marketing anymore. It’s all about 3D and IMAX, but 70mm is quite the sight to behold if you ever get a chance to see a movie presented in the format. The film’s presentation would be a call-back to the film’s of the 50′s and 60′s, perfect for Tarantino’s sensibilities and filmic influences.

western Quentin Tarantino The Hateful Eight Teaser Poster Confirms 2015 Release Date

The plot for The Hateful Eight was summarized during the script-leak controversy back in January, and goes as follows:

A bounty hunter and his prisoner traveling by stagecoach to a town called Red Rock get stuck in a blizzard and meet other travelers along the way that need a lift. Sidetracked by the blizzard, they stop at a nearby haberdashery to take shelter until the storm passes. While holed up in this haberdashery waiting out the blizzard, coincidences stop looking like coincidences, enemies become allies, secrets escape, and lots of living things get dead.

The rumored cast for The Hateful Eight, as it stands right now, consists of: Bruce Dern, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Madsen, Kurt Russell, James Remar, Amber Tamblyn, Walton Goggins, and Zoe Bell. Just like Django Unchained, that cast could easily change, with additions and compacted roles, but with the possible release of Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair hitting theaters in 2015, this is looking to be a banner year for Quentin Tarantino. The Hateful Eight is set for 2015, look for it around Christmas time.

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